Selecting the Appropriate Childrens Shoes

Childrens shoes are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Childrens shoes mainly fall under a few categories of infant, crawlers and cruisers, first walker, toddler, and then big kid sizes. One can buy childrens shoes at a variety of retailers online and in stores and even at department and drugstores. There are childrens shoes that match specific outfits, are good for running and being active, or dressy sandals or dress shoes. Whatever the occasion, there is sure to be a pair of childrens shoes designed exactly for the needed purpose.

Although babies can’t walk, many people love to put adorable little shoes on their babies. There are shoes specifically designed for the pre-walking stage. Shoes in this can be found made of breathable leather to keep their little feet dry and should be worn with enough toe box room to give the little feet the chance to grow comfortably. In addition, it is good to find pre-walking shoes that have a non-skid surface so little ones don’t slip and fall as they try and stand up and learn to move around.

There are childrens shoes that are designed specifically for the crawling and cruising around stage. Babies at this stage aren’t really comfortable or secure on their feet yet and need shoes that are lightweight (so they won’t trip as much over the heavy shoes on their feet), have flexible soles that help their feet develop the right muscles, and have a anti-baterial lining that helps keep feet dry and as germ free as possible. Some of the great options in this area of childrens shoes are Umi Shoes like Sammie (available in both girl and boy versions), Cassie, Weelie, and Trincy.

Umi Shoes has a line that is geared entirely toward first walkers. These shoes are made of a lightweight material that is both durable but easy for little walkers to move around while wearing. Thicker outer soles are characteristic of this shoe line to help with stability and also to make the shoes long lasting – or as long as it takes for the children’s foot to grow to the next size. And for the health benefits, there is an anti-bacterial removable foot bed to help prevent infection and keep the little feet dry. Umi shoes in this size option include the Alix, Rory, Sammie, and Etude design options.

After the early walker stage, children shoe options can be found in everything from toddler to big kid sizes. It is important to pick the right company for the children shoe choices though. Umi Shoes brand prides themselves on designing shoes that are made of products that are durable and comfortable and also good for the environment. They only use non-toxic dyes and package everything in environmentally friendly packages. On the website, parents can print out a size chart to help measure their kids feet and make sure they are ordering the right size of shoes. While the bulk of this brand of shoes is sold online, there is an option to find local stores that carry this line of shoes. Whatever the decision, parents are sure to find the childrens shoes that they will be happy with and that their kids will be happy with as well.