Learning the Baby Basics

Learning the basics can help to keep levels of stress at a minimum. Plus parents who are stressing, just the fact that they stress shows they care about their kid.

First off, all parents should know they are great parents. That is a simple little fact of life.

A baby, in most cases, is going be best off with his/her real parents. Doesn’t even matter how much the parents feel about their own parenting inadequacies.

In fact, people who show signs of hypochondriac concerns usually do well as parents, and their only hindrance is their own over concern. It is a paradoxical paradigm in which many parents fall, especially new parents.

Most the things to know about babies are obvious things such as supporting the child’s head. Infants have very weak muscles, because they have been locked in a womb for the past 9 months unable to perform any sort of exercise.

On top of all that weak muscle they have a head that is of unsightly proportion to their body. So it is no mystery why babies can’t support their huge craniums with their tiny little neck muscles.

Don’t ever shake your baby for any reason. Infants are very prone to shaken baby syndrome which is, regrettably, still a leading cause of infant disability and death.

Luckily though, hardly any babies these days suffer from any form of ailment, statistically speaking that is. Just about 60 or more years ago miscarriage, SIDS, and toddler deaths took many mothers children.

So even though the thought of a baby being shaken and having severe problems because of it is sickening, find solace in the fact that, these days, such problems are much more treatable and less common than they used to be. Babies should basically be treated like they are made of fine china or something very valuable.

Honestly there is nothing more valuable than a baby. Who knows- maybe that kid will be the one to create an endless source of renewable energy.

Another big thing is never leave a baby on his stomach. Place the child in his crib on his back.

The crib should be a relatively firm surface with no cushions, heavy blankets, and no stuffed animals. Like turtles babies have a hard time moving from their front to their back.

Unlike turtles infants have a hard time breathing while on their stomach. Cushions, heavy blankets, and stuffed animals can also cause for asphyxiation.

Never for any reason do anything dangerous while holding a baby, even if the baby is in carrier. Even things like drinking scalding hot cups of coffee should be avoided when hold a baby.