Learning More About Baby Gates

What? Baby gates are child safety devices. From the name “baby gate” itself, you can get an idea of what it is. It’s a gate that limits babies’ access to an area of the house that’s dangerous. Since it is a gate, it also allows access so adults can pass through. These gates are also referred to as safety gates, baby safety gates, child safety gates, stair gates, and other combinations of words to describe what it does: keep babies and children safe.

You already know that baby gates keep babies out of rooms or places in the house that might be harmful to them. No parent would want their babies to get hurt. But life requires parents to work and do chores. In other words, parents are busy and aren’t able to keep their eye on their babies 24/7. This is especially true if mom wanted to do some laundry or clean the house. If she had to drag the baby along with her while she cleans, the baby would get dirty, tired, and more importantly, nothing will get cleaned.

Who? Baby safety gates are used by parents who are busy at home with work or chores. This is especially true when the house they live in has two or more levels, or when they have stairs. Those who live in houses with fireplaces also use safety gates. Parents who want their babies out of their home offices also use safety gates to restrict entry into the office. Safety gates might also be helpful to keep children away from the room where the gun is kept, if there’s one in the house. BUT of course, the gate only keeps the children out of the room. The gun should still be stowed in such a way that children will not be able to get it.

All of this imagining would only make sense if the baby is already able to walk or crawl by him or herself. Crawling happens at around five months. So by then, mom and dad would have had to have baby gates in place. But development differs from one baby to another. Some babies develop motor skills faster. So mom and dad must take note of the baby’s development to know when to put up safety gates.

The top of the stairs is a popular place to put a safety gate. It is the most obvious safety hazard for babies and toddlers. The bottom of the stairs is also a good place. But if you can install only one stair gate, choose the top of the stairs. Baby safety gates can also be used to keep kids out of the kitchen where they can be hurt by a number of things. The stove or oven being the top hazard; there are also knives and breakable things that can cut kids; and pots and pans may fall on them. There are also safety gates that are designed for the fireplace.

How? There are two kinds of baby gates based on how they are installed. The first is the pressure-mounted. This kind does not require any drilling into walls or railings. The house will not be harmed, except for some marring of the wall or door frame or railing where it is mounted. The second is the hardware-mounted. This kind requires drilling and using screws to keep the gate in place.