Camping Checklist – Don’t Go On A Camping Trip Without It

What is more enjoyable than gathering the whole family and spending quality time for a few days outdoors at a campsite at State Park, Missouri for instance. There is no better way to have this kind of opportunity to get connected with Mother Nature to enjoy the scenery, flowers and wildlife.

It is understandable to get excited about your camping trip. However, it is important that you prepare everything beforehand as you may never know what nature has in store for us, be it good or bad.

That is why every camper should have a camping checklist with them before leaving for the great outdoor experience.

Below is the ultimate camper’s checklist that has been categorized into the following categories:

– Personals
– Camping essentials
– Camping tent checklist
– Camp fire
– Sleeping system
– First aid kit
– Clothing
– Kitchen utensils and gas appliances
– Children and baby supplies
– Before leaving home

1. Personals checklist – grooming and hygiene kit such as tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, towels, insect repellant, soap, deodorant, sun block, lip balm, comb, sunglasses, toilet paper and a trusty sewing kit.

2. Camping essentials checklist – driver’s license, ID card, money, GPS or compass, map, pocket knife, binoculars, flashlights, battery packs, bulbs, lantern, water, canteen, rope, radio, camera, lots of films, clothesline, clothespin, foldable table, lounge chair and clock.

3. Camping tent checklist – tent, ground sheet, mallet, spare pegs, spare poles, spare ground sheet, peg extractor, fabsil (tent reproofer), shock cord repair kit and tent repair kit.

4. Camp fire checklist – matches, wood, shovel, axe, kindling, newspaper, extinguisher and campfire permit.

5. Sleeping system checklist – sleeping bags, camp beds, mattress or camper mat, pillows, air bed and pump, blankets and air bed repair kit.

6. First aid kit checklist – medicines for flu, fever, headaches, stomach ulcer and allergy. Band aids, antiseptics and antibiotic cream for wound. Tweezers to take out splinters. Pocket tissues are advisable.

7. Clothing checklist – a cozy pair of shirt and sweat pants, gloves, jackets, sweater, thermals, hiking boots, sneakers, sandals, socks of varying thickness, underwear, wellies, fleece, swimsuits, pajamas, tank tops, hats and bandannas. Not to mention waterproof jackets and trousers.

8. Kitchen utensils and gas appliances checklist – food container, insulator for frozen food, pots and pans, thermos, aluminium foil, fuel, stove, matches or lighter, disposable utensils, dish towels, bottle and can opener, knife, trash bags, zip lock bags, mugs, bowls, coffee pot, spatula, dish soap, table cloth and skewers for campfire barbequing or marshmallow toasting.

9. Children and baby supplies checklist – for babies, baby food, milk, diapers and baby wipes, pacifier, bottles, bibs, spoons, blankets, high chair, play pen, stroller, stuffed toys, tub and books. For toddlers, games for rainy days and for traveling, pencils, crayons, papers bucket and shovel, kites and frisbees.

10. Before leaving home checklist – lock all doors and windows, turn off all lights and appliances such as television and computer, hold all mail, water the garden, adjust the thermostat and make pet arrangements.

By no means that the above camp checklist is complete as there are a lot more that are not listed above. Be smart about what you consider necessary to bring and what items can you leave home without.

With these filled up, your camping trip would be a blast.