Buy the baby supplies online and pick them in your nearby store

When you decide to buy Baby supplies online, you can request to have free store pickups or getting free shipping to your home. When you use this option, you will get the item you want faster. After sending the order online, you will get the confirmation that the item is in the stock and that you can go to pick it up. There are many benefits of using this option while buying the items from Baby Luna Boutique. You will not have to pay for the shipping, you can pick a large item easily and you will get the item you want faster. You will not have to worry while buying the gift at the last minute and you can be the first one to own a certain item when it has been released.
If you are buying the Baby supplies online and you want to pick them up in the store, you will have to find a message near the item written free stock pickup. You will be given many options for the delivery according to your needs. If you want to pick up the item from the store, you will choose the item you want from the newborn baby clothe, add it to the cart and go to choose the store and then select the store. You should have the five-digit ZI code with you and check if the product is available within the store which is closer to you. In case the item is not available in such store, you should go to add to the cart and choose a new store.
All the Kids accessories and clothes may not be available in the store for the pickup program. You have to check if the item is available in the store for the pickup. While choosing to get the items in the store, you will still pay online. If after entering the locations you decide to pick up the items at a different place, you can still change it.
You may view the order status when you select the link that you are using to acknowledge the items from the Girls clothing online boutique is ready to be picked up. When you get the ready to pick up email, you will know that you can go to the store to pick up the item you want. Normally it will take five days for the Baby supplies online order to be available in the store. When you go to pick up the item, you should have with you the ready to pick email you were sent and the government issued ID or valid ID. The first and the last name have to match the billing name that you have entered. If you use a smartphone to buy the newborn baby clothe, you can hit to the check in and the store will be notified that you have arrived.