Best Information On Baby Shower Games

Some people may be put in charge of running a baby shower and not know what they need to do. One of the top things that they will need to make sure is done is keep everyone together and in a festive mood. One way of doing that is to play baby shower games.

There are many games that someone may set up to play at a baby shower. Before the games start it is nice to have the group introduced to each other and maybe tell some stories of how they met the mother to be. As the games are completed the winners should be awarded some keepsake prizes.

Guessing the size of the tummy on the mother to be is one of the common games played. All that is needed to play this is a spool of string or yarn and scissors to cut it with. Each person will cut the string to the length they think will wrap around the waist of the mother to be. Whoever comes closest to the actual size is the winner.

A popular game that will be played at many baby showers is to give each person at the party a necklace with clothes pins or baby safety pins attached to it. When someone says the key word, maybe baby, then someone else can take one of their pins. Only the first person that catches the word gets awarded the pin though. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the day or at a specific time is the winner.

Another fun game is to load a container up with some items that are related to a baby, diapers, safety pins, or anything like that. Each guest will examine the container then make a guess on the number of items loaded into it. The participant that comes closest to guessing the amount in the container wins. An added rule can be put in place that if the guess is more than what’s in the container then the person with the guess is disqualified.

A game that is popular is the baby bottle game. The object of this game is to put liquid into a baby bottle and see who can suck the liquid from the bottle the fastest. It can be a onetime race with everyone or break the party into groups then have the winners of the groups face each other. The person that sucks the liquid out the fastest is the winner.

There are many different baby shower games that a person can set up to be played. The biggest thing to remember is that although there should be some competition with the games that everyone should be focusing on the mother to be and celebrating her and the baby on this day.