Baby Monitor Options – Which Is Best?

Forget the piles of cute pink and blue clothing, the tiny washrags, and the baby shampoo. Before you go buying all of that extra stuff, you must take care of purchasing a high quality baby monitor and installing it correctly into the nursery. This is absolutely essential to the health and life of your baby, but how do you know which type is going to fit your home the best?

It all starts with knowing what is being offered on the market right now. If this is your first child or it has been awhile since you purchased baby products, you may be quite surprised at what technology has made possible for these products.

Chances are the audio monitor is already familiar. The allow you to hear what is going on inside your baby’s room at every moment, including breathing, crying, or voices of others in the room. They come with portable monitors that can be carried around, and systems are now available with two separate units so different rooms of the home can be equipped.

While hearing the noises your baby is making will alert you to when they are waking up or having difficulties, there is something very comforting about being able to actually see the baby. If you purchase a video monitor set this is now entirely possible.

The size of the screens vary greatly, with of course the larger screens running a lot more than the tiny ones. While you may only be able to afford a small screen, it may be better than having no image at all even if you can’t make out small details in the room.

One extra option that is relatively new to most parents is the motion detector system. Some of these will include an audio system as well, but not all.

These systems work off of an alarm which sounds when the baby stops moving for a given period of time. For many systems it is 20 seconds, based on research focused on the devastating SIDS occurrence. In order for the sensors to accurately track the baby’s movements the sensors must be placed properly underneath the crib mattress.

For the most part, parents go for systems that also include audio capability. If you can’t find or afford one of those, you may want to purchase an audio or video set up to complete the monitoring system.

So, how do you know what will work best for you? This is ultimately going to come down to how much you want to spend on this system and the size of your house.

If your house is on the small side then chances are you will hear a lot more from the baby’s room than in a larger house. This makes the video capability extremely beneficial for parents living in larger houses where they will be further away from the baby and less likely to hear when the baby wakes up, cries, or has other issues.

The motion detector baby monitor is not absolutely essential for every home, but if you are very worried about SIDS or have a very large home you may need the extra security.