Baby Hats

In modern times, research has shown that the one of the reasons for skin cancer in adults is the damage done to their skin by the sun when they are babies. Clothes that protect our skin from the sun and sun hats for babies are very important because babies have an extremely sensitive and vulnerable skin. As a parent, we need to do our best to protect them.

One of the best thing that can be done to avoid sun damage to babies is to avoid going out when the sun rays are intense, most importantly between 11am and 3pm. However, it’s not always possible to ensure that we are indoors during these hours nor is it realistic. This is why we must ensure that we have a source of shade for babies when we are out and baby hats are one of the best source. Various baby hats are available made up of special fabrics that block the sun rays keeping the skin of the babies safe. Many consider baby hats to be the most important protective clothing when it comes to preventing damage caused by sun rays.

One needs to look out for hats that offer protection from UVA/UVB rays. The protection offered by these hats is similar to what is offered by a 50+ sunscreen. Also, going by the restless nature of the babies and their habit of tugging at alien objects, it is important that the baby hats are such that they cannot be taken or pulled off easily. If the baby is too young, it becomes difficult to explain these facts to them. So using a hat that can be tied down the chin or has a Velcro would be better.

It is also important that we protect the back of the baby’s head. This area is mostly left exposed and one can clearly see that majority of the sun burn occurs in this part. Therefore, one should choose hats for babies that have a wider brim. A hat with a wider brim ensures that the face and the back and sides of the head are covered. It is important that the brim is quiet big, enough to protect the neck as well. There are 2 main types of hats for babies that are really good when it comes to ensuring this type of protection. The first type is called the Bucket style hat which is called so because of its shape. And then there is the Legionnaire style, which is superior of the two. It derives it name form the hats worn by the soldiers in the French Foreign Legion.