Baby Changing Stations

Baby changing stations are vital for many shopping and traveling parents. Having an area to safely change a baby’s diaper should be offered to parents, especially in buildings that will have young children frequently visiting. Infant changing tables won’t take up space when not in use since they are mounted on the bathroom wall and folded up.

Ergonomic Infant Diaper Stations

Molded plastic changing stations are available in various colors, including light gray, gray speckle, and ivory. Having the choice of colors allows you to customize the look of the commercial baby changing station and let it blend with the rest of the bathroom’s theme.

Installation Choices for Infant Tables

Baby changing units can be either recessed or surface mounted. Both are safe to hold infants and children up to a certain weight. You can choose which model to have installed depending on where you will be mounting it inside the restroom. Safety straps will be included in the station as a safety precaution for moving babies.

Convenient Diaper Changing Stations

Diaper changing stations are preferred by parents as they are easily accessible in commercial bathrooms. Adults that need to change a child’s diaper won’t want to use the floor of a commercial bathroom, but they don’t want to leave the building to get to their parked car. In order to keep your customers inside your store, consider installing a baby changing table in both your men’s and women’s restroom.

Safe and Sanitary Baby Stations

While baby safety is a major concern, health is another priority. Baby diaper changing stations will have designated areas for disposable liners for adults to use with each child. Diaper stations are the more sterile option that adults will choose over other less convenient methods. Instructions will be in plain sight for adults that are using the baby changing station so they can follow the directions in order to use the area safely. The chart will enable them to know the proper way to use liners and strap the child to keep him secure while always supervising the child when on the table.

Infant Changing Tables

Infant changing tables can be used with an individual’s personal changing pad they may have with them. They are big enough to hold children of various weights while still having a safe area to place the items needed for a diaper change without leaving the area. Diaper stations provide parents with a safe place to change their child’s diaper. Floors aren’t the cleanest area to have a child lie down on and they can be dangerous in areas with high traffic. Baby changing tables allow adults to have the child kept out of the way from others that want to use the restroom.

Commercial Baby Changing Stations

With commercial baby changing stations available today, stores can easily have them mounted in both a men’s or women’s bathroom. Not only will you keep your customers inside the building, you will provide them with a safe and sterile area that is located in a convenient area. No matter what size bathroom you have, a recessed or surface mounted baby changing table won’t take up any space when not being used. At the same time, an adult will easily spot the device when looking for an area to change a diaper.