A Baby Photo Contest: Start a Child’s Career

Who would have thought that entering a baby photo contest could lead to a lucrative career in television, magazines or other modeling careers? But it is true. Getting this kind of early exposure is a perfect way to get your foot (actually your child’s foot!) in the door, a door that leads to bigger and better, more exciting opportunities. But where do you start?

Where to start? Now comes the hard part: deciding which of your many thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of baby pictures you’ve taken of the darling little one since the day he or she arrived is the best of all the rest to represent your baby the day the spotlight shines. So many baby pictures, so little time.

Next, just like the future movie stars do it, you have to begin to hang out where the top executives hang out. No, I don’t mean moving to Los Angeles or New York City, buying an expensive condo or penthouse apartment, and begin to wait tables in the fabulous bistros where it is “be seen” or “be gone.” No, by this I simply mean, be where the decision makers are. In the case of your little dumpling’s budding career, it means frequent online websites looking for the next baby photo contest in which to enter that prize-potential-winning baby picture. Preferably a free photo contest. With the free photo contest, your main objective is to gain that much needed early exposure, and free photo contests are the way to do this. Contests where you have to pay a fee usually have better prizes, but if it is a career you are after, exposure is the better prize, any day of the week.

Online photo contests are the easiest to both find and enter. In today’s technologically savvy world, most people have digital cameras, photo editors on their computers, and a connection to the internet. So it is an easy matter to prepare your chosen baby picture to be uploaded to the online photo contest of your choice, do a search in Google or your favorite search engine, and choose the online photo contest that will best serve your purpose, either advancing your baby’s future career or capturing the best prizes, or both. Payments, if an entry fee were involved, are easy to do online as well.

When your baby picture becomes a photo contest winner, and there should be no doubt about this happening, then let the exposure begin! A lot of contests run the photo contest winners on their website, and in brochures to promote future contests. This is the beginning of possibly worldwide exposure for your future star.

As a side note, and a good reason to not overlook contests where you have to pay a fee to register, paid contests usually have good cash prizes. With these cash prizes, you can set up a college fund for your baby, should the aspirations of stardom fade to black by college age. You would be all set should this happen.

Lastly, the biggest reason to enter your baby’s pictures into photo contests, is because you know you have the cutest baby in the world. Why not prove it to the world? What better way to let the world, and most especially, your own baby, that they are indeed a cute baby, by entering pictures of your baby into many photo contests, rake in the winnings, gain exposure for that future career, but show your baby that you indeed know that he or she is a cute baby, and now the world knows it too?

The last thing I am going to leave you with is this: remember above all else that baby photo contests are first and foremost entertainment. Enter them to have fun, and be sure your baby knows that it is not whether you win or lose, it is the lifetime of memories both of you will share when recalling the contests that were entered. These are the stuff of which life is made.