6 Ideas About a Baby High Chair as a Gift

Though buying a baby chair may seem to be an easy task at first, the moment you enter the market, the vast range of choices are sure to baffle you. With each manufacturer offering you great stuff and promising new features, it gets really tough to make a choice. What is really important to understand in such situations is that which factors to give most importance to. Some of the most important points are discussed hereunder:

1. Safety- When it comes to a baby high chair, the safety of the baby must be taken extreme care of. Check the making and the built of the chair, and see if it has been constructed well. Chairs having wide bases, with a center of gravity that is low are the best kinds. Shake the chair and see what happens to know if the chair is safe enough for fidgeting baby. To know whether the chair is really safe or not, watch out for a certificate from Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). The JPMA safety standards, if followed, can guarantee you that the chair is absolutely safe.

3. Comfort- See if the baby high chair, especially its seat, the belt and the placing of the tray is comfortable or not. Sometimes, baby high chairs are not built well enough, and are not comfortable for the baby. Go for chairs that are spacious, and have nice comfortable seats. The tray should be well placed, and the belts should be easily adjustable.

4. Washable- When it comes to baby high chairs, it is very important to ensure that the chair can be washed easily. Starting from the belts and the seat which should be such that they could be replaced and washed, and conveniently as and when required to trays, allowing quick swipe and clean, washable chairs sure are a great advantage. With these you never really have to worry even if the baby is messing badly with the food.

2. The tray- As you buy a baby high chair do not forget to check the tray and its ease of use. To know if the tray is really suitable for the baby, try and operate it with one hand. See if it slides out easily, and if the baby would be able to pull it out. Trays having a high rim are generally more preferable, since they are able to hold the food better, and keep them off from falling on the floor.

5. The locking mechanisms-Make sure you have checked the locking mechanisms before you make your purchase. The belts with the buckle should be easy to operate and must be firm and strong. There should not be any scope for accidents or discomfort for the baby. A good locking system allows greater ease of operation.

6. The strap should be taken due care of as well. A chair that has only a single strap going around the baby’s waist should be avoided, since here the baby is at a risk of slipping off and thus getting hurt. Chairs with straps going around the waist and the shoulder of the baby are much better.